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Our Moroccan cuisine

harira soup

Harira is a traditional soup from Morocco and western Algeria of Andalusian origin. It is made of tomatoes, vegetables, meat and onion.
50 Dhs per person 


The pastilla is a traditional dish from the Maghreb, made of a kind of puff pastry, with onion, chicken, parsley, coriander, hard-boiled egg and almonds, a sweet and salty mixture, flavoured with cinnamon.
50 Dhs per person 

kefta pellets

A trip to Morocco, with a kefta tagine with eggs. A popular dish and much appreciated for its simplicity.
70 Dhs per person 


The Berber Tajine is a traditional dish with the flavours of the Atlas. The meat can be lamb, veal or chicken.It is prepared with fresh products
80 Dhs per person